The other day I grabbed the latest book in the collection, sat in my comfy couch and started reading. The lads came home from school and saw me reading. Next thing I knew, the entire family had our faces in our own books as the house silently watched. As I realized this, I paused and thought about the statistics behind reading. I picked up my phone, performed a quick Google search and it brought me to the above image.

If this was just with 20 minutes of reading each night, I wondered what would be the result of reading for 40 minutes? An hour? If this is just for students, what happens beyond those student years? How much better can an adult’s vocabulary get from reading +20 minutes a night? As I reflected and glanced around the room, I appreciated the moment and vowed to model this reading for the kids even more. I want to encourage you to try to do the same!

If you are the old school type of reader who enjoys the smell of and feel of a book but hadn’t had that opportunity in awhile, I encourage you to find a local library, grab a few books, power down your devices for at least 20-30 minutes and enjoy the pleasure of reading once again. Every library has made it easier. You can now check out books, reserve them and search their card catalogs online. Do a Google search of your local metropolitan library and see for yourself!

If you are the new school digital age reader but hadn’t had that opportunity in awhile, I encourage you to go to your local library’s website where you can check out ebooks, then enjoy the 20-30 minutes of reading once again.

Here are a list of resources where you can discover and download new titles.

If you don’t want to bother with paid websites but still want to read good books online on your laptop/desktop, I’ve got you covered too:

Lastly, if you don’t know where to start, Good Reads is my favorite spot to get started. Find reviews on books and to discover new awesomeness.


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