There are times as educators we don’t realize we experience awesome things throughout the day. I’d like to propose a few things that I consider awesomeness that brighten people’s day. Here are ten moments I consider awesomeness from the lens of education.

  1. Going to the vending machine and paying for some chips but the machine gives you two instead.  Now I’m crunching down on them extra happy because the vending machine gods granted me some favor!
  2. Putting on a jacket/coat in your room (because it’s cold) and when you put your hands inside the pockets, you find money inside. Makes me feel like I just won the lottery, even if it’s just a few dollars! One time I found a $20 and almost fainted!
  3. Teachers don’t get paid a lot of money so we bring lunch to school, most times it’s leftovers… but finding the correct lid that matches the Tupperware on the first time???? When I tell you it’s like I just won the lottery on the FIRST TIME!
  4.  Smelling the clean smell inside your classroom. You know that smell, right? It’s the smell of Clorox wipes or wet-wipes after your class cleans their desk/table area and have the satisfaction that the flu (or the common cold) isn’t going to win that week!
  5. Sneaking in a power nap during a planning time. I don’t know about you but there have been times where I just needed some alone time. I close my door, turn off the lights, set my timer for 10-15 minutes and take a quick power nap. One of the sites I use is Noise Online. It has multiple types of white noise that will help you relax
  6. When a student accidentally calls you their parent, then is embarrassed. We know that student just put you on a higher level of respect and in that moment, sees you as someone who instructs, protects and encourages, just like a parent/guardian would!
  7. When you start your car to leave the campus on a Friday. There is no better sound to my ears to have the ignition and radio welcome me back to the car. That drive home is such a happy place, even with traffic, because I’m home for the weekend!
  8. Eating breakfast for leftovers at lunch. I love eating breakfast for dinner. Then, having those leftover pancakes for lunch the next day. When I tell you there’s a party of awesome that happens in my mouth!
  9. Getting home for a long day of work and turning down for the night before 7:00 pm. Yes, I am not afraid to say that I’ve turned down for what? For that shower, dinner and under the covers of the bed before Wheel of Fortune is over. (It comes on at 6:30 cst.)
  10. Getting smiles, dap/handshakes, and/or hugs from former students. When a student recognizes and acknowledges you walking through the hallway and they stop to say hello.


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