There are times as educators we don’t realize we experience awesome things throughout the day. I’d like to propose a few more things I consider awesomeness that brighten people’s day. Here are ten more moments I consider awesomeness from the lens of education.

  1. When you stumble on a teacher discount at a local store. My wife hipped me to this. We went to a store and she asked, “Excuse me, do you have teacher/educator discounts?” When they said yes, we both almost fainted. Here is a list of teacher discounts. Here is another one.
  2. When you scope out the clearance aisle and find a new article of clothing, then go to check out and see that it has an additional discount on top of the clearance discount. Talking about flexin’ to school the next day on a #teacherbudget indeed!
    Note: Flexin: To show off; (synonym: stuntin, flossin)
  3. When the class is finally as quiet as a mouse and one of the students slips out a fart and everyone has to pretend like they didn’t hear it? You’re like, “Was that a fart or nah?” You can’t help but to laugh (either on the inside or nah).  #PUREawesome
  4. On PD day, figuring out where you’re going to eat with your colleagues. As soon as the PD starts, you’ve got the group text going and you’re salivating through the morning of PD awaiting lunch to eat away from the school!
  5. Seeing the faces of students if/when they discover you at a store/restaurant and they realize you’re a normal person. The first time a student said, “Mr. Daughty, I saw you at Chili’s” and another student yelled out, “Mr. Daughty, you eat at the Chili’s off Memorial too?”
  6.  When the cafeteria staff decides to really cook on a specific day and flexes (see #2). Those homemade recipes leak out and everybody in the school has food coma in the afternoon!
  7. When a student has a food at lunch and you are just playing and say, “Can I have one?” and they give you one in real life. I saw a student eating Hot Chips and I had never eating one. I asked for one and they all were willing to share those Hot Chips and Takis. #sharingIScaring #studentsAREawesome
  8. When the principal allows a jeans day for teachers. It’s like winning the lottery that day!
  9. When you are one of the last ones in the cafeteria getting a lunch at the end of the schedule and the cafeteria staff loads your plate with all of the leftovers because they don’t want to throw it in the trash.  (see #6). #FoodComa #50-11chickennuggets
  10. Getting to school late (for whatever reason) but your favorite parking space is still available. It feels like you’ve received VIP treatment!

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