Here are ten more things from an educator’s perspective.

  1. Teaching and in the midst of the lesson it rains or snows. Watching the entire class stop paying attention and is mesmerized by the sound of rain and/or the dance of the snowflakes. It’s worth the break to witness that moment.
  2. Eating food and not getting any of it on your clothes. My clothes were magnets for food and somehow there would always be a stain on my shirt after lunch. Of course my students would make sure to point it out to me but on those days there was no food on the clothes equaled #winning!
  3. Noticing you don’t have any markers prints on your hands, arms or the back of your clothes after a long day of teaching.
  4. Checking a mirror right before you start your first class and catching the booger hanging from your nose. Crisis avoided!
  5. No-bake cookies from the cafeteria. I just went to my happy place remembering how they tasted! #nice
  6. That first cold day and you get to put on your fall wardrobe. You know, those boots you purchased and have been waiting to wear? For me, it’s that long sleeve sweater that matches the bow tie perfectly!
  7. When you’re not sure if the lesson will be well received and the students grasp the concepts on the first day! You walk away flexin proud of that moment!
  8. When recess looks questionable and you know the students will be wiggly if they don’t get some outside play, but recess isn’t canceled and the students get to play outside.
  9. When you arrive at school in the pouring rain but before you get out of your car, the rain stops in time for you to get inside before it pours again.
  10. Much needed school breaks throughout the year like Labor Day, President’s Day, PD/Work days (days without students), Fall/Spring/Thanksgiving/Winter Break.

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