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Andre enjoys creating content to help educators. Here are a few things he’s been brewing.

Chew on this

#ChewOnThis #ChewOnThis provides opportunities where one can discover information in a revealing moment then gain new understanding and/or knowledge from a topic in the same way my friends and I did long ago.

Laugh a Lil

There are funny moments in education; however, we (as educators) often overlook those funny moments due to being focused on this, that and the other. Well, I try to find the funny in education and put it inside of the series, Laugh a Lil.

The reel lesson within

Media is an excellent way to make connections with self, world, and text. It also provides opportunities to discover metaphors and symbolism to teaching and learning. I love watching movies and often find movie clips which provides learning lessons. I call those the Reel Lesson Within.

I never considered using movies to help teach a lesson. Not only was the clip a good opener, the students shared they loved the connection in their reflective journals. The Reel Lesson Within now has me looking at movies differently.

– D. Townsend (teacher)