If you know Andre, you know he loves to build culture and relationships by using everything! Games and merchandise coming soon!

Teacher’s License Suspended

Spanning history, daily life, school scenarios and entertainment, this questions-based card game will spark debate by challenging participant’s understanding of influential moments, facts and figures within the realms of educational culture.

Teachers Talk

This fun quick-witted lighthearted board game about what you and your colleagues think. It gives participants a chance to create answers based on typical and not-so-typical questions in education. No game is ever the same!

The Culture Says

(Digital Download)

Based on surveys from Black Twitter, Black Facebook and IG, this fun, nostalgia-filled digital game tests the knowledge of cultural, pop and historical milestones of the African American culture.

When One Wins Tee

(Coming Soon)

“We can do even greater things when we celebrate the success of others because when one wins, we all win.” ― Andre Daughty

My Dreams Have Magic Tee

(Coming Soon)

“Never stop dreaming and working hard towards achieving your dreams!”
― Avijeet Das

Melanin University Tee

(Coming Soon)

I’ll never forget watching my wife comfort our crying kindergarten princess after she told us how her best friend said they couldn’t play together because they didn’t have the same skin color. From that day forward, we celebrate the regality of melaniated skin. This is that university!

Educational Authors Hoodie

(Coming Soon)

You’ve heard of educational authors like Plato and Dewey, Harry Wong and Robert Marzano, but perhaps you’ve been sleeping on these educational authors.


Classic Concentration

(Digital Download)

Derived from the game show, players try to discover the hidden puzzle behind numbered blocks. A FREE easy to use template to help engage students within a classroom lesson. Download the Microsoft Power Point template here.

Family Feud

(Digital Download)

This is a FREE simple-to-customize digital template version of Family Feud you can use to fit your school’s, classroom’s, and/or organization’s needs.

Download the Microsoft Power Point template here.

More Coming Soon