Andre Daughty offers services he can provide for your school, group, or association. During these service opportunities, he will collaborate with you to develop customized programs you would like in the areas of educational technology, culture building, PBL and/or technology.


With energy like no other and experiences that will bring forth laughter, some tears and reflection, Andre Daughty likes to encourage students, inspire parents, keynote a conference, as well as conducting breakout sessions at an event. For a synopsis of offerings, please click here.



In any learning environment, there are times where a more thorough experience is needed. Through activities, laughter, and hands on practicality, these 1/2 day and whole day workshops deepen understanding. For a synopsis of offerings, please click here.



Every person is unique. Every person’s teaching and learning style is unique, and every school/organization is unique. Because of this, Andre has found that the best staff development strategy for your school and/or organization is also likely to be unique. Support visits offer observation, then creating a collaborative customized small group and/or 1:1 plan to strengthen and provide additional strategies based upon offerings.



Providing quality feedback strengths educators. During classroom observations, Andre shares systems encompassing what to look for during observations. Not only observing to assess work, but how to share feedback to strengthen educators and build a culture of providing quality feedback.