“We needed an energizing speaker to start our #CAMPed conference and wasn’t sure if Andre was the fit we needed. My colleagues assured me he was and I agreed to bring him in. I am glad I listened!. All I could say was “WOW!” Andre shared practical ways to engage students in the classroom and kept the crowd laughing. Our conference was well received thanks to Andre.” – S.H.

“As the chair of the business alliance at my son’s school I hear a lot more from the students this year already about race relations. The teachers were inspired by your talk at Knightdale HS and are really motivated to tackle this topic head on and not skirt the issue. Sorry it took me so long to respond. First of the school year is always hectic getting things going with the alliance!” – G.W.

“Andre Daughty’s workshop changed my classroom. A dance move, a history lesson, and a stack of ideas from a 1-hour-workshop turned my classes of middle-schooler blank stares into student connection after student connection. That changed the culture of my classroom. It elevated my approach to teaching. The four corners exercise was instant. I asked students to group together by their favorite type of birthday dessert, campfire meal, sports car, music. Conversations and connections immediately began to grow. Students see the class as a place to connect rather than defend or survive.” – K. H.

“Amazing! Thought Provoking! Intriguing! These are just a few words to describe the experience of hearing Andre Daughty share powerful information on Equity in Instruction. As an educator Andre raised my awareness to “#STAYWOKE” and find ways to meet my students where they are. He caused me to look at my instruction through a different lens so that I can allow my students the opportunity to create within the classroom, and for me to find new ways of innovatively keeping my students engaged in the content of the curriculum. During my three day Project Based Learning training, I realized that Project Based Learning deepens students’ thought processes, hence their learning, because it allows for inquiry. Thank you, Andre Daughty for sharing your knowledge and time to help bring awareness to educators, especially the educators of Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design.” – T. H.

“I am a fairly new teacher, and a techie. What a blast! Listening to Andre Daughty made me proud to be an educator with a heart and reminded me to ALWAYS wok with my kiddos in the forefront! I’ve always said I hope my teaching creates, opened minds and hearts as well as life-long learners. Thank you Andre for letting me know I’m doing it right!” – T. R.

“Andre Daughty was very informative and helpful. I am excited about starting the new school year with various strategies and ideas for PBL and Academic Language development.” – G. H.

“Hearing the passion and devotion for education in Andre’s voice helped reaffirm and solidify my desire to be an active role model in the lives of my students. It has helped me to see someone I can identify with succeed in a field that I love. I can’t wait to start teaching and making a change with what I have learned from Andre.” – E. W. P.

“PBL was always that one mountain that seemed to high and hard to climb, like Mount Everest or Chimborazo. When I first started researching PBL, there was just so much stuff out there about it that I quickly became inundated with information. What educator has the time to wade through it all? This problem was solved many years later, after sitting through a fantastically fecund training, to say the least. This highly productive training was lead by the captivating and exciting Mr. Andre Daughty. Truly demystifying!” – T. T.