“The MOTOWN Culture: How Culture Makes All The Difference workshop changed my classroom. A dance move, a history lesson, and a stack of ideas from a 1-hour-workshop turned my classes of middle-schooler blank stares into student connection after student connection. That changed the culture of my classroom. It elevated my approach to teaching.”  – K. Hookstra

“Andre caused me to look at my classroom through a different lens so that I can allow my students the opportunity to create within my elementary room. He provided several ways to keep my students engaged in the classroom… And he’s absolutely hilarious the way he blends humor and content.” – J. Williams

“I must say that it was the end that pushed me over the edge. Listening to Andre Daughty made me proud to be an educator with a heart and reminded me to ALWAYS wok with my kiddos in the forefront!”  – T. Roberson

“As the chair of the business alliance at my son’s school I hear a lot more from the students this year already about race relations. The teachers were inspired by Andre’s keynote at Knightdale HS. They are really motivated to tackle this topic head on and not skirt the issue.” – G. Williams

“Amazing! Thought Provoking! Intriguing! These are just a few words to describe the experience of hearing Andre Daughty share powerful information on Equity in Instruction.” – T. Hinnant