Everyone has heard how amazing Andre Daughty is. Well, here are a few testimonials.

“I’ve been in quite a few conferences and can tell immediately if it is worth my time. He is worth every bit and more. Andre showed multiple perspectives for several strategies where all of my staff walked away with new ideas to implement. He is dynamic and approachable with his presentation. A breath of fresh air! If you don’t know Andre Daughty, you should.” -Deputy Superintendent

“I’m a fan of theater. When I saw Andre’s keynote title, “Who Tells Your Story” with the Hamilton image, I knew this was going to be good. Andre shared how everyone’s story matters and how it is an honor to have diversity to help build lives, not only academically but in building the culture in the classroom and school. Well done.” – Fine Arts Coordinator

“This was my first time hearing Andre Daughty and I was amazed by his presentation. It’s challenging to keep any person’s attention, especially in a virtual setting. Andre’s presence and excitement not only kept me interested, but during our team’s debrief, we kept ranting and raving how engaged we were for his sessions. Thank you for giving me some new ideas to use in class.” – 5th Grade Teacher

“The presentation was amazing! It is wonderful to be in a non-boring virtual space. Then, he modeled exactly how to make each moment effective through the chunking of the workshop. Not only did I meet and interact with other educators, we plan to work on a project together and connect our classrooms, thanks to this workshop.” – 2nd Grade Teacher

“As a first-year teacher, Andre’s talk was quite an eye opening learning experience for me. I am an enthusiastic “newbie” and want the world for my students, but I’ve realized all of it not only takes time, it takes effective planning. Andre’s talk helped me to better appreciate the art of teaching and learning. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of his talk.” – 9th Grade Biology

“Andre Daughty shared the Mamba Mentality with my students and I’ve never seen that many students quiet in an auditorium. He had them not only listening, but they really enjoyed how he talked with them, not down to them. That was a powerful moment for our students.” – Middle School Principal